The Visitor Part II


Oh God! You know when you accidentally get paint on the cow?
Maybe you don’t. I’m not entirely sure myself.

I’ve finally started painting the walls of my unit and am soooooo pleased with the results so far. In it’s days as a milking parlour decor was never really required. My memories of it, as a child helping Daddy doing the milking on a Sunday afternoon are of darkness and damp. He would reach in the dark unknown and pull down some cold, waxy, dark green overalls for us the wear. The floor was puddled from the buckets of water and disinfectant being chucked about the place. The rhythmical beating of the pump seemed like milking music, keeping the pace of the whole process.
And obviously at least one cow would wee on you (or worse!) from a great height.
“Don’t look up!” Daddy would say. But of course, you always did.

4 coats of white masonry paint later and we’ve nearly got rid of the dark patches! I have to say it looks wonderful already- like a different room.
I’m keen to keep as many features as I can, including rusty brackets on the walls- all that remains of the old feeding system. I’ve taken great pains to go round them with a small brush, only for the boy to slosh over them with the roller 2 minutes later! So frustrating!
Possibly my favourite thing is a blackboard titled ‘Antibiotics’ covered in a list of dusty, seemingly random numbers. The same numbers found branded on each beast’s rump.

Nuts has got used to us now. In fact he’s a bit of an attention seeker. I think we might have spoilt him.
He’s forever popping his head round the door in search of a head scratch, which is fine when you’re in need for a break yourself. But when you’re standing on a chair holding a bucket of paint- bit awkward. Double awkward when out of spite he decided to scratch his neck against the freshly-painted door frame!

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