Back in the Game


Aside from feeling sorry for myself I’m making a special effort to get my vintage on. I don’t know if anyone else feels this but coming out of a relationship I always realise there is a part of me missing. Perhaps I’m quieter than I used to be, or withdrawn. I’ve noticed this time round that I’ve lost the ability to wear heels. I hit it quite hard this weekend and by the end of work on Monday I felt sick with pain.
I started with a fantastic swing dancing sesh with Swing Patrol on Saturday evening followed by some ‘contemporary’ dancing in Camden. After falling into bed at 3am it was a bit of a struggle to get up on Sunday morning but a date with Secret Cinema was in the diary and obviously it was going to take all day to get ready.
I’ve always moaned about my curly hair; generally it’s pretty uncontrollable. However if there is an 80s themed party going on I’m literally the first one there as I need not waste any time with the crimper. So when I found out that the dress code for SS was 1920s I thought I might be able to make the barnet work in my favour. I combed out the curls while it was wet and left it to dye naturally with a wave.
I’ll skip over the details of my cinema experience as it’s in the spirit of things to remain enigmatic. I have to say I rather enjoy telling people what an amazing time I had, then refusing to reveal the title of the film. If only ever weekend could be spent swigging cocktails, hopping around to jazz bands in basement speakeasies.

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