Who Needs Men?

I’ve hopped on the girl dates in a big way recently. From gigs, to dinners, to holidays, I’ve realised that lovely things don’t need to be wasted on boys.

Back in July I indulged in a Midsummer Night’s Feast at The Churchill- a Shakespearean feast of deliciousness accompanied by a small amount of acting and poetry.

A difficult decision but I went for:
Homemade rosemary infused mead
Lamb stew served in a granary loaf
Beef wellington, the most gorgeous garlic mash & seasonal vegetable
Honey cake with sticky honeycomb and figs

As we ate, three actors periodically maneuvered between the tables, reciting scenes from the play.
I don’t know about anyone else but I wasn’t keen on Shakespeare at school because I didn’t understand it. It was so apparent to me, even then, that seeing a performance allows it to sink in so much better… such a shame that it’s not until later in life that one gets to experience it in this way.

We were presented with a board and some magnetic words during our meal and were encouraged to ‘form’ a sonnet from what we had. Pretty difficult to get it to make sense, but sure.





Not my usual style but I’d heard a lot of good things about Ping Pong, the dim sum chain. We paid a little visit to the St Katharine’s Dock restaurant and had a lovely time.
Chinese is not for me generally, I don’t know what it is about it, so dim sum came as a bit of a surprise.
I’m still dreaming about the steamed buns mmmmmm….

Over the August Bank Holiday I got together with some of the girls for a Fitnic (a fit picnic.) Why so called? Because we were insistent that everything was a bit fancy, homemade and essentially not a shitnic.
I pulled out my favourite copies of Good Food, rubbed my hands together and got to work.

The Menu:
Chorizo & apple sausage rolls
Quails eggs, to be dipped in mustard mayonnaise and cruchy fried onions
Ripe brie & crusty french bread
Potato salad with bacon and spring onion
Honey drenched figs
Bacon and leek tarts
Halloumi fingers
Olives, sundried tomatoes
Variety of cakes from Patisserie Valerie
Raspberry bellinis




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