Flappers & Tea Parties Part 1

The correct way to start a weekend is by dressing as a flapper. So we did.
I came across a Gatsby themed event hosted by HOTHOT magazine- a pop up at a secret location in London. So off we trotted. Now this is the kind of thing I’d love to do myself so I’m always keen to scrutinise every detail.
On arrival we were greeted by the press and a troupe of show girls, all in character, and were presented with a complimentary cocktail- a promising start.
But after that I just wasn’t wowed. I felt that the little details were missing.
Upstairs in the venue they had created a kind of Victorian funfair, complete with deck chairs, hook-a-duck and similar, with prizes of pick n mix sweets in paper bags (a nice touch). There was no music in the room, only some sort of inflatable installation which created the noise of something like an aircon unit. There was no buzz about it really, and I didn’t get the connection to the theme.

Back downstairs we went into the main room. There was a lovely live swing band which was really enjoyable. Sadly at this point it wasn’t really busy enough to dance. Later on things livened up and everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time. There was even some live entertainment- the show girls gave us a jolly good Charleston, a beautiful burlesque dancer showed off her nipple tassels and a semi-naked girl ate some fire. Lovely.
And then the weirdest thing happened… A man swanned in in a parka and ugh boots (that’s an autocorrect by the way, but I quite like it) and then appearing a few moments later in a gold lamé shirt behind the DJ decks blasting out the likes of Jessie J and God knows what else! So so wrong! I would say that ruined the evening for us and we left soon afterwards.



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