Cake, Cake, Cake

Afternoon tea is for special occasions.

Nonsense. Have as much tea as you can. It has been observed by many a friend that I do rather love an afternoon tea.

I happened to see a Tweet from the Lancaster Hotel promoting their offer of 50% off afternoon tea with a glass Laurent Perrier. Now perhaps you don’t know, but other than tea and cocktails, flappers only drink champagne, so this suited me just fine!


The tea itself was divine! The chefs should be commended on their cucumber sandwiches- the best I’ve ever tasted! I’m definitely going to take a leaf out of their book and start seasoning mine. Replenished sandwiches is a big tick in my book too.
The tea lounge was quiet and out of the way so it was easy to relax, and there was no pressure for us to leave, unlike some places, so we ended up staying until 7 o’clock!

I’ve never been a fan of Halloween due to it’s proximity to and interference with my birthday. But for my love of the unusual I decided that I couldn’t resist the appeal of Cakeageddon. What?! I wasn’t sure either, but mystery is very appealing to me.
On Friday night we drove to Standalone Farm in Letchworth, Herts prepare to be scared slash filled with lovely cake. Themed around the fairytale we were guided round the farm by a “New York detective”, encountering the aftermath of a mass murder… Only all the corpses were made of cake!


There was even a shop at the end of the tour where one could purchase all manner of disgusting looking (but undoubtedly delicious) cakes.
And yes, the cigarette butts are edible!





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