I <3 Pop Ups

Honestly, I think I would go to a pop up anything. I’m always looking out for pop up restaurants, bars or any sort of limited-time-only experience.
Last night we went to see It’s a Wonderful Life at The 20th Century Theatre in Notting Hill… Or so we thought!

My girl Amy convinced me that we’d booked tickets for Tuesday night, not Monday as I’d always thought. Annoying, because I already had plans for Tuesday which I had to change. We didn’t even realise until we’d sat down and the film was about to start that we were actually going the watch The Nightmare Before Christmas! Silly Amy!
I’m still surprised we’d managed to get in considering we’d had our tickets checked on the door and they clearly said not only the wrong day but the wrong film!


Aside from all this, we did have rather a lovely time. As we entered the antechamber we were prompted to open a wardrobe door and step inside. Pushing through the numerous fur coats we found ourselves in a beautiful winter wilderness, with snow falling from above our heads and a deep snowy pile underfoot.
At the back of the theatre an extremely merry man served us mulled wine, Baileys hot chocolates, brownies and popcorn.
It left us feeling all warm and Christmassy (and a tad Halloweeny!)

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