Gone Camping

Another weekend, another pop up.
This time it was the turn of The Art of Dining and the Gone Camping restaurant.
I thought I’d show the boy what pop ups are all about. He looked bemused to say the least when we hopped off the train at Cambridge Heath and I led him into some sort of industrial estate towards the Pickle Factory.



We were quite early and there was only one other couple there when we arrived. We accepted our complimentary Orangina cocktails and sat next to them at one of the long benches. It turned out that Ben and Cara were absolute legends! We spent most of the night in stitches listening to their tales of the best ways to combine raving with parenthood- quite easy it turns out!
The set design was very well done; the benches gave the event a real community vibe. The lighting and greenery felt very outdoorsy without being in the bloody freezing cold. I absolutely loved the toilet-cum-campsite wash-up area- every little detail was there.



You know those boyfriends who aren’t necessarily fussy, but just haven’t tried many things? Well I’ve got one of those. And being the sort of girl who loves food and will eat ANYTHING, I’m on a mission to expose him to so many different things. He’s drawn the line at seafood though. Thankfully there was no seafood on the menu; our favourite courses were the Thai ‘pot noodle’ and the Moroccan flatbread. I also enjoyed my two hot chocolates (he doesn’t drink hot drinks = face plant).





The timing of the courses was spot on and the entertainment provided in between by the broken-hearted, Scottish camp leader kept everyone in good cheer. A favourite activity was the campfire singing, although this was marginally beaten by the fact that all guests had been presented with a whistle on entry and blowing them continually throughout the meal provided no end of fun.
I look forward to seeing what this creative pair come up with next.

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