Having experienced the cakey/PR genius of Miss Cakehead at a Halloween ‘horror farm’, I couldn’t resist paying a visit to Boxpark, Shoreditch this weekend to get involved in her latest stunt.

Fryhard: taking your favourite treat and deep frying it, which takes it to unbelievable new level.


I have to say I was HUGELY disappointed with the pop-up itself- we had an ‘it that it?’ moment as we approached the plain black market stall with a table top fryer on one side and a pile of boxes/packaging on the other. Not what I was expecting at all, certainly not to the usual standard of aforementioned queen of visual display and pleasantly shocking experiences.

The staff, although not rude, just lacked the passion and enthusiasm I was expecting. I’m not a snob by any means, but even at a basic level, in a bar for example, you would expect the server to remember your face long enough to put the drink they have just poured in front of the correct person.

Perhaps pop-ups and ‘experience dining’ have spoiled me; given me a desire for a song and dance every time I’m presented with some weird flavour combination. That is a bit weird come to think of it.

I’ll live.

Anyway, what did I have? Well unfortunately not all of the above was on offer (I presume they had sold out?) so I had a Creme Egg followed a Babybel.


The Creme Egg was an absolute one! Melted chocolate and gooey deliciousness in a crispy batter- mmm!

The Babybel, was cheesy. And frankly, who doesn’t love cheese?

The execution was spot on, just a shame about the delivery. I look forward to seeing what she gets up to next.  

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