Don’t play with knives, kids

I’ve had to take a bit of a break from crafting and blogging of late. It’s been tough but I think I’ve learnt my lesson…

Playing around with a notebook, some washi tape and a scalpel, I stopped to have a tiny bite of granola, freshly baked by Muv- it was delicious by the way. When out the corner of my eye, I spied the scalpel rolling off the edge of the table. My lightening-fast reaction was to catch said knife between my forearm and my thigh. I obviously imagined myself as some sort of cricketer.

The next thing I knew the handle of the scalpel was dangling from my arm and the entire blade was embedded just below my wrist.

To cut a long story short (no pun intended)- although the gash itself was small, it had gone deep enough in that it had caused some damage. I had investigative surgery and it was found that I had severed a nerve, but luckily the tendons were still intact. 

Six weeks later and I still have no sensation along the back of a couple of my fingers, and super-sensitive nerve endings on the back of my hand, which rather feels like I’ve suffered a burn.

There is no guarantee that my hand will ever be back to ‘normal’ and I obviously have a whopper of a scar, which is still rather sore, but it could have been a lot worse had the blade entered at a different point. I’m so thankful that I still have the use of all of my fingers- imagine the difficulty of learning to craft one-handed.

It did take rather longer than expected but I’ve finally managed to complete the birthday card I had been working on, although it’s now extremely late! 

Celebration of Love

Unbelievably, someone actually paid me to do a papercut!

The brief was to feature the following:
The names Rebecca & Matthew
A couple representing them
Their cat Archie
A house
Their anniversary




I do find the process rather therapeutic, apart from the sore index finger! This is quite lucky because it takes bloody hours!!!!

And here’s the finished article…





I love the idea of a family tradition. I’ve successfully introduced the homemade afternoon tea for Mother’s Day, we’ve clung on to the traditional Sunday roast, I’m determined to continue my annual pilgrimage to Coventry for my friend Lucy’s birthday. And now I’m working on Christmas.
As a child we had a wonderful fabric, Christmas tree shaped advent calendar which Mama filled with chocolate coins and Mars Celebrations. Of course we always swapped them around- who wants a boring mars bar when you can have a heavenly bounty bar?
I had thought about making one but it wasn’t until I saw a roll of delicious advent calendar fabric in Liberty’s that I got really keen about the idea.
I whipped this up in about 2 hours. I think the looming deadline helped! I mounted it on green felt and stabilised it using an old wire coat hanger (cheeky upcycle). I bought some wooden, fabric covered letters from The Oak Room a few weeks ago and this just seemed the perfect use for them. I’m so, so pleased with how it turned out.
I left it up to the boy to fill it with mini nail varnishes for Ella and Matchbox cars for George.